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Highlands Latin School – Indianapolis Upper School Programs

HLS offers a classical, Christian education. the goal of a classical education is to develop the mind of a student through latin and mathematics, and to develop wisdom and virtue through a careful reading of the classics. The goal of our Christian education program is to help students achieve Biblical literacy, a knowledge of church history, and a strong faith and Christian consciousness. We desire to create a school culture that is a model of excellence in both academics and Christian character.

In all of our programs we strive for continuity and mastery learning. Classical education also focuses on teaching age-appropriate material through age appropriate methods. At HLS we follow the classical trivium which emphasizes memorization and accumulation of facts in the grammar school; evaluation, analysis and integration of information in the logic stage of middle grades; and the articulate expression of ideas through the written or spoken word in the rhetoric stage of the upper school.

High school teachers will continue to utilize memorization and the synthesis of ideas employed in the teaching methods of the lower and middle grades. Development of fluent writing skills will be an area of emphasis in all of the high school course work. Study skills, organization, and effective work habits will remain a focal point in all of our upper school instruction.

Highlands Latin School in Indianapolis offers two programs of study to students in 9th-12th grade. These are the Diploma Track and the Highlands Community School. Links to information for both of these programs are found on the left side of this web page.


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