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We are a Classical Christian School with a goal to nurture young people in both intellectual growth and the highest ideals of Christian character. Our emphasis is on Latin and Math, the two subjects which train and discipline the mind, preparing students with the analytical thinking skills necessary for higher education. Cumulative learning, study skills development, mastery learning, and a well-integrated curriculum are hallmarks of our school.

Our courses utilize the full Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum which has been developed and field tested in the HLS classrooms.

Here at HLS-Indy, we offer diverse learning platforms. Primarily, we provide a unique three day program for 1st-12th grades and a two day program for Kindergarten which supports family life, and provides increased opportunity for parent involvement in their children’s education. The Diploma Track (for our Upper School students at HLS) supports a full, college preparatory course of study. Through our Highlands Community School program we offer a variety of courses to homeschool students in 9th-12th grades.