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Physical Education

1st-grade-gym-class-1Primary students have recess or PE every day.  Lower School students have PE twice weekly.  In the Upper School, students have Club Sports one hour per week in grades 7-12.

The goals of the Physical Education program at HLS are to:

  1. Prepare students to be active and competent participants in Club Sports and athletic teams.
  2. Provide physical exercise, stress reduction, and much needed breaks from the normal academic day.
  3. Develop students who choose to regularly participate in fitness activities as a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In Club Sports students participate in multiple round robin style tournaments in slightly modified versions of games like soccer, volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee.  While points are awarded to the houses for victory, we strongly emphasize the need for good sportsmanship, fair play, encouragement, and team work among peers.