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American/Modern Studies

In American/Modern studies, students study American history, geography, and literature, as well as world geography and non-western cultures.  The program is designed to give students mastery over very concrete and useful information about America and the world and to build each year on the previous year’s work.  Students trace and study maps, draw freehand maps, and by the end of the curriculum they are able to draw political and physical maps of both hemispheres from memory.  Students also read a variety of books to supplement their knowledge of America and the world.

Grades K-12 Scope and Sequence

  • Grades K-2: Identify continents, oceans, equator, poles, tropics, major countries, and some states on both a map and globe. Read-alouds from K-2 Curriculum Guide.
  • Grade 3: States and capitals. Identify eight regions and 50 states on U.S. map. Recite and spell states, abbreviations, and capitals.
  • Grade 4: Geography of Middle East, North Africa, Europe
  • Grade 5: Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas
  • Grade 6: The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Story of the Great Republic (Guerber)
  • Grade 7:  Exploring and Mapping the World geography and cultures.
  • Grades 9: A Concise History of the American Republic, Vol I by Morison, Commager and Leuchtenburg.
  • Grade 10:  A Concise History of the American Republic, Vol II. AP US History
  • Grade 11: A History of the Modern World Vol I, by Palmer and Colton.
  • Grade 12 A History of the Modern World Vol II, Modern European History