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American/Modern Studies Book Selection

In American/Modern Studies students study world geography, and American history and literature.  Students are prepared for two AP exams, US history and Modern European History.

Grades K-12 Scope and Sequence

  • Grades K-2:Identify continents, oceans, equator, poles, tropics, major countries, and some states on both a map and globe. Read-alouds from K-2 Curriculum Guide.
  • Grade 3:States and capitals. Identify eight regions and 50 states on U.S. map. Recite and spell states, abbreviations, and capitals.
  • Grade 4:  Geography of Middle East, North Africa, Europe
  • Grade 5:  Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas
  • Grade 6:  The Story of the Thirteen Coloniesand The Story of the Great Republic (Guerber)
  • Grade 7:  Exploring and Mappying the World World geography and cultures.
  • Grades 9:A Concise History of the American Republic, Vol I by Morison, Commager and Leuchtenburg.
  • Grade 10:  A Concise History of the American Republic, Vol II. AP US History
  • Grade 11:A History of the Modern World Vol I, by Palmer and Colton.
  • Grade 12 A History of the Modern World Vol II, Modern European History