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HLS Tuition and Book Fees

Tuition by Grade Days/Week Tuition (per year) Books
Jr. Kindergarten 2 day $1,950 $150
K-2nd Grade 3 day $5,300 $335
3rd-6th Grade 3 day $5,400 $360
7th-12th Grade 3 1/2 day $6,600 $405

Class Schedules

Highlands Latin has a unique class schedule that requires involved parents and supports family time.  It also provides an opportunity for students to schedule activities such as doctor and dentist visits without missing important classroom time. Because of our schedule, we do not show movies or plan field trips during the school day.  Every available minute is dedicated to accomplishing our academic goals.

Junior Kindergarten
Two day program | Wednesday, Thursday

Three day program | Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Grades 1-6
Three day program | Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Grades 7-12
3 1/2 day program | Tuesday (7:50 – 12:00), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday