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We are so blessed at HLS to have such a wonderful collection of teachers with a wide range of educational backgrounds and many years of personal and professional experience in a number of careers.  Most of all, we appreciate the character and commitment they each hold to model excellence in both academics and Christ like conduct.  Each of them possess an interest and love for the subjects they teach and a desire to help your students grow and develop in their academic abilities.


Huston, Judie copy
Judie Huston


M.A., Counseling Psychology, Trinity Divinity School

B.A., Communications/Writing, Moody Bible Institute


Wiley, Jen copy
Jennifer Wiley

Director of Admissions and Records

B.S. Elementary Education, Taylor University



Davis, Cindy copy
Cindy Davis

Upper School Director Physical Science, Geometry, Algebra I | College Counseling

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois


Marshall, Sheri copy

Sheri Marshall

Lower School Director

B.S. Elementary Education, Ball State University



Wible, Susan copy
Susan Wible Director of Finance & Accounting | Upper School Hot Lunch Program

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

B.S. Accounting, Oral Roberts University




Vackar, Michelle copy
Michelle Vackar

Office Manager | Junior Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. Advertising and Public Relations | Double Minor in Art and Business, Ball State University



Hibbett, Laurie copy
Laurie Hibbitt

Upper School Administrative Assistant Latin, Logic, Rhetoric




Branson, Dottie copy
Dottie Branson

Lower School Administrative Assistant




Lower School Faculty Kindergarten- 6th Grade

Winkle, Kimberly copy
Kimberley Winkle


M.A. in Public Administration from Indiana University

B.A. in Elementary Education from DePauw University


Cavanaugh, Karen copy
Karen Cavanagh

First Grade




Greenslade, Kathy copy
Kathy Greenslade

First Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, Saint Mary of the Woods College



Achenbach, Melissa copy
Melissa Achenbach

Second Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, Ball State University



Miller, Nancy copy
Nancy Miller

Third Grade

B.S. Elementary Education, Indiana University



Brown, Dawn copy
Dawn Brown Fourth Grade

B.A. Elementary Education, North Central University




Stubbs, Marilynn copy

Marilynn Stubbs

Fifth Grade

B.S. Special Education | Minor in Music Therapy and Flute Performance, Ball State University

Certified Dyslexia Therapy, Orton-Gilingham


Thompson, Loretta copy

Loretta Thompson

Fifth Grade

B.A. Liberal Arts, University of Indianapolis



Garrison, Brittany copy
Brittany Garrison

Sixth Grade

M.A. School Administration, Indiana Wesleyan University

B.S. Elementary Education and Special Needs, Indiana Wesleyan University


Upper School Faculty 7th Grade – 12th Grade

Cutrona, Vince copy
Vince Cutrona
Classical Studies, Greek, Latin,

M.A. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

B.A. History and Greek, Calvin College



Dickmeyer, Donna Grace copy
Donna Grace Dickmeyer

Biology I, Chemistry, Anatomy/Physiology, Math 7 B.S. Biochemistry, Wheaton College




Garrison, Andrew copy
Andrew Garrison

Classical Studies, Earth Science, Geography,

B.A. Biblical History, Indiana Wesleyan University

B.S. Social Studies Education, Indiana Wesleyan University


Kauffman, Justin copy
Justin Kauffman

Greek, Latin

M.A. Old Testament, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

M.A. Biblical Languages, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

B.A. Bible and Religion, Anderson University


Andrea Reinhard

English Studies

B.A. Secondary English Education, Anderson University

Riddell, Brooke copy
Brooke Riddell

English Studies M.F.A. Creative Writing, Indiana University

B.A. English Composition/American Literature, DePauw University 2015 Classical Teaching Apprenticeship with CiRCE Institute



Rohrbach, Holly copy
Holly Rohrbach

Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Calculus,

M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida

B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University


Sara Tharp

Latin, Physical Science


Physical Education, Art, and Music

 Amy Fata

Music (Grades 3-12)

M.S. Vocal Performance, Butler University

B.A. Choral Music Education, Huntington University

Smith, Abi copy
bigail Smith

Music (Grades K-2), Handbells Choir | Lower School Hot Lunch Program

B.A. Music, Piano Performance, Butler University



Schloemer, Lori copy
Lori Schloemer

Art (K-6th) | P.E. (K-4th)

B.A. Fine Arts, Iowa State