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Academic Model

Mastery Learning and Cumulative Study in All Courses


  •  Memorization, Recitation, Repetition
  •  Emphasis on quality written work and habit formation
  •  Systematic Study Skills taught with Memoria Press Guides
  •  Structured, organized, & engaged teacher-led classrooms


  • Academic goals are outlined in the study guide for each course.
  • Instructors teach to the stated goals within the curriculum.
  • Cumulative exams are utilized to assess students’ mastery of the course goals.
  • Latin-based program unites language skill development into one subject.
    • grammar, spelling, vocabulary, methodical study skills
  • Less fragmentation of subject matter
    • Latin, Logic, Classical Studies, & Christian Studies are learned in relationship to each other.
    • Language-rich books & study guides reinforce Latin and English study.