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About HLS

About Highlands Latin School

Highlands Latin School – Indianapolis
HLS – Indianapolis  is a new campus of Highlands Latin School in Louisville, KY.  We are a classical Christian school with a goal to nurture young people in both intellectual growth and the highest ideals of Christian character.  Our emphasis is on Latin and Math, the two subjects which train and discipline the mind, preparing students with the analytical thinking skills necessary for success in higher education.  Courses are taught by well-prepared instructors using curriculum designed for this unique instructional setting.   Development of effective study skills, character training, and Biblical integration will be given high priority throughout our program.

Class Days
Classes meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays and  Fridays from 8:00 a.m- 3:15 (K-6) 8:00-3:30 p.m 7th-12th.  Kindergarden meets (Wed. & Fri.) 

Highlands Latin School Indianapolis operates on a 34-week, three-trimester schedule beginning the Wednesday after Labor Day and ending the Friday before Memorial Day.  Students have a one-week Thanksgiving and Spring Break and a two-week Christmas Break.

Courses Offered
K- 2nd Grade                Memoria Press Classical Primary Curriculum, PE, Art, Music
3rd-8th Grades
            Latin, Math, English Studies, Classical Studies, & Christian Studies,Science, Modern Studies
9th-12th Grades            Latin I-IV, Algebra I, II, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Logic I,II, Classical/Christian Studies

Our curriculum is from Memoria Press and has led to impressive test scores at Highlands Latin in Louisville.

Dress Code
HLS Indianapolis has a uniform clothing policy.  Please see our Uniform Information for specific clothing items and purchase information.

Our school is located at First Baptist Church in Carmel, Indiana, and serves families in the greater Indianapolis community.